Plants and More

At LandsKapings, you’ll find all the plants you need to take your yard and gardens from “ho hum” to extraordinary!

Whether you’re looking for shade trees to cast some cool shade in summer, a fiery fall spectacle in your yard, or flowery gardens overflowing with color all summer long, you’ll find endless possibilities just waiting to be brought home!

Trees, Shrubs, Perennials And More

As a customer, you want to see, touch and feel what you buy, and you want to know that you’ve got the best possible plants your money can buy. At the LandsKapings Garden Center, we carry the finest trees, shrubs and perennials that are hardy for our area, which means they can tolerate the extreme temperatures and temperature differences we can experience over the year, or just in one day! All of our stock is Minnesota or northern grown so it is fully acclimated to our hardiness zone. Our inventory is carefully managed with weekly deliveries to give you the freshest, healthiest plants possible.

We have a wide selection of the most desirable varieties, with exciting new additions every year.
In this age of research and pre-shopping on the Internet, you can browse through our plant list with your yard close at hand. Just enter the parameters of size, sunlight conditions and ornamental features and you’ll get a list of plants that fit your criteria.

You can even build your own plant list on your home computer simply by adding the plants you like. When you’re done, bring it into our garden center for easy shopping! If we don’t have a specific plant that you want in stock, we can special order it and typically have it here in a